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Detectives Hue, Vietnam (1896)
Ngày cập nhật.: 04/05/17
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                 Detectives Hue, Vietnam



Head Office: 6th Floor, Capital Tower, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi City
Branch 1: 36 Floor, Saigon Centre Tower, District 1, HCM City
Branch 2: 9th Floor, Tower Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Hai Chau, Danang City
Branch 3: 10 Vo Van Tan Street, Hue City

Dear customers

First, DETECTIVE COMPANY HUE be sent to companies, businesses, organizations, units and individuals greetings and wish you achieved success in the future.
DETECTIVE COMPANY Hue (Hue branch of JSC Consulting & Development of Vietnam) with headquarters in Hanoi, we operate in the field of private detective services. In the past 9 years, the company has continually strive to become one of Vietnam’s leading companies in this field.
With the motto "FAST - ACCURATE - PRESTIGE - ALWAYS CORRECT LEGAL & SECURITY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION", we always take customer satisfaction as a measure for the development of their business. So, we guarantee that will provide our customers with products and services with the best quality to satisfy our customers.
Happy family signs "cracks" when the appearance of "3rd person"? Do your children giddy signs, failing to learn the reasons are "out of control" of you? The future of your spouse / your child’s "personal" .... how? Your relatives "away from home" or "lost" in the long run. Please contact us for advice quickly and most professional.



Overcoming all challenges, tracing evidence!

1.The detective monitoring services:

What is Monitoring?
Monitoring the implementation of monitoring and observing a person, a physical location .... The Detective smart and experience our already trained, professional in Hanoi & Ho. Minh (Professional supervision, Professional makeup, use Business Tech ...) willing to provide monitoring information to customers through detailed written report or a series of high technology, including video surveillance, imaging, navigation and recording ....... to relieve the doubts and worries of customers in the shortest time.
What benefits there?
Evidence obtained through proper monitoring is well documented and can often provide evidence contained irrefutable, needed to "prove or refute" a suspicion that you would like to clarify " White - Black "in the shortest possible time.
The individual cases are often unattended investigation:
Spouses do not trust each other to see signs of the "boring rice noodle cravings" and capable of "adultery" ... I suspect there own husband ...., betrayal and love in marriage, monitoring in place, working time tracking of individual activities of a business ...

2. Detective Services search

Private detective and search for the common operations of the Company:
* The family has lost a long time no see, such as parents, what her uncles, brothers and sisters ....

* The family left home for unknown reasons (possibly due to misunderstanding, or seduced), such as children, wife / husband left for unknown reasons ....
Due to the nature of this type of service is highly dependent on the initial information that customers provide, so the price of this service will be inversely proportional to the amount of information and images that give customers .
Using these methods and professional expertise in the shortest possible time we will fully provide accurate information in order to relieve any anxiety is to help customers find the information, not the object seemed can.

3. Detective services verify:

Customers need to distinguish the difference between verification services and monitoring services. Verification is the determination of the truth of the events that have occurred in the past. But monitoring is determining the truth in current ongoing.
The verification includes the following elements: name, age, address, occupation, level of education and expertise, income, health, shelter now, the state itself (still single married or have a boyfriend or not), family circumstances, the neighbors are living, personal profiles from small far ... and other relevant factors.

The situation today shows that society, many people are becoming victims of scams leading to "lost money carrying handicapped" people do not understand that they are relations and cooperation.
• Verification of a person that your child (or you) are in love and intend to marry progress.
• Verify the individual objects, that you want businesses to do business (financial capability, expertise ...).
• Verification of a doubt by the husband / wife made to conceal the affair ...
• Verification of any problem that you are in doubt as soon as possible.

Detective Hue has over 9 years of experience in solving all the problems mentioned above. Please contact us for advice and the best service.


Office 1: 10 Vo Van Tan Street - Hue City _ Viet Nam
Office 2: 36.P Urban Area Security Southeast Fisheries
Te l: (+84) 054.6554349

Hand phone : (+84) 0995.322.618

 Fax: 84. 0542.111.222

You can refer to our information via the Website Logo identification of:

Young Business Association of Thua Thien Hue Province:

* If for some reason "sensitive" Our consultants will be available at the address you request.

The company would like to express our most sincere thanks to customers and will allow us to become a partner.Thank all.

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